Disc Feeder

Disc Feeder

Disc Feeder
Disc Feeder

Product Introduction

A traditional continuous feeding equipment for powder material.Production capacity >088.4t/h.Product ImprovementInstall speed adjustment motor according to need control feeding volume by adjusting the rotation speed of disc.

Product Features

Stable working and easy operation

Wide appliion energy saving and efficient

Large bearing capacity and stable operation

Simple structure even feeding convenient maintenance the best choice for feeding Process of powder materials

Disc feeder consists of driving device main body metering belt conveyer and metering device. Feeder and belt conveyor is driven by the same driving device. The electromagnetic clutch device of this drive controls the starting and stopping and function conversion of feeder. Speed of metering belt conveyor is less than 1m/s.

Bulky materials entering into the cylinder from the hopper accumulate by itself weight on the disk. The natural angle of material is controlled on the disk by adjusting the gap between the sleeve and disc. When the disk rotates the materials are scraped into accepted hopper by unloading knife so with the continuous rotation of the disk the materials are fed evenly. Adjust the gap between the unloading knife and the disk to control the feeding volume.

Product Appliion

It is applicable to feed non viscous material but not suitable for powder materials with good flow ability. The suitable feeding material powder granular or small bulk materials such as coal powder cement clinker limestone clay gypsum slag etc.

Technical Data

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